Top 12 Tips Before Buying a rug in Marrakech Morocco or online
Moroccan rug

12 Tips Before Buying a Rug in Morocco or Online

Let’s see what are the 12 Best Tips before buying a Rug in Morocco or Online !

1. Relax and take your Time

Take your time and take the exact mesure of the room where your new rug will lie. What is perfect with buying your rug online is that you dont need to take with you the room measurements when you go shopping, but you just can relax at home and see which rug will fit better. This will save you time and money not having to drive around to different rug shops just to see if they have rugs that you like. If you want a moroccan rug, it will be also difficult to find them if you dont live in Morocco and can’t have a large range of carpets as online.

2. Be creative with new Ideas

Have an idea of colors and designs that you do or do not like. If you dont have an idea, it can be difficult by the among of rug you will find. Imagine which color of rug will be good with the rest of your decoration. If you know that you can’t walk barefoot on the floor where your rug will be, prefer to purchase a ‘kilim’ rug. There are very easy to clean and perfect if you have pets.

3. Know the Berber Tribes

Discover the different Berber tribes. Every rug come from a specific tribe from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Try to see from which region your style of rug come from, then you know already which categories search.

4. A real work of Art

Don’t forget that it’s not a simple rug from Ikea made inside big industries that you will buy but a real handmade work with a story on it. It’s like a painting on a floor. It’s important to never forget that because the prices can be a bit higher as an industrial rug but nothing can remplace a vintage and handmade item. It bring another dimension in a room and that ‘Wow !’ effect when someone walk your interior.

5. Find the good Contrast

Nothing better as balance in a home. Vintage rug will be very amazing with modern furniture. You can play with all the style you want, so if you want a nude look, think about a Beni Mguild rug.

6. Investment for Generation

If you buy a beautiful rug and want to investing a lot of money in that, it’s best to consider a timeless design like those you can find in vintage rugs. Sometimes you want to have your own patterns and colors with your own own size that will fit centimeter by centimeter in your living room. You maybe might want to pass this rug down to your children one day. So a rug made by order is also unique but more personal. Contact us if you want to make a order:

7. Do you prefer a Vintage rug or a new rug ?

Vintage rugs are beautiful, durable and ecological. This is one of the best choice because it’s one-of-a-kind and oh so unique. Every carpet own his story. This is rare and maybe in 10 or 20 years, some moroccan rug you bought now will be soon an antique piece that could stand in a Museum. Some of them could already. New rugs are also interesting when you dont find the right size that you’re looking for. As example, if you want a rug 500 x 700 cm its almost impossible to find today in the vintage rug market. The positiv point when you want make an order is that you can have your own design and colors and using a rug that nobody used before.

8.  Dont forget the Underpad !

When you bought a new carpet, it’s important to put an underpad. It will increases the life of your rug and will also feel more comfortable.

9. Ask all the Questions you want 

Lot of people are affraid to purchase online, which is totally normal because not every website are trustworthy. The best way is to contact directly the team with all your questions. Dont be affraid to ask all the questions you have and ask for more pictures or videos.

10. Function of your rugs

How your Rug will be used ? Do children spend a lot of time playing on the floor ? How is your room ? If you have high-traffic areas, prefer a low-pile (kilim) plat-weave rugs while shaggy rugs in low-traffic areas. Think about the traffic the rug will get or will be used to choose the perfect one.

11. Why not on a Wall ?

Consider that some rugs can be hanged on a wall because life is fun and rug aren’t just for the typical areas ! It’s your home and you do whatever you want. Decoration have to be something nice to do, and you can see now a lot of stylish interior decor with a beautiful rug on a wall, just like a painting.

12. Check the Size

Not too small not too big. Size of a rug is dictated by room shape and your furniture placement. For a open-space, large rug are a good choice. There is actually no real important rules, just follow your taste and feelings of the moment.

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  1. Amazing post. Talks about the intrinsic details one must ponder upon before buying any handmade item and not just carpets. Loved the suggestion about putting an underpad underneath the carpet to increase it’s life. Also found the part about the different tribes making different types of carpets to be intriguing.
    Thanks for the post. Keep up the good work.

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