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How to choose the perfect rug size

Choose the perfect rug size for your interior

It’s not always easy to buy the perfect item and you can feel quickly overmolded by all the choice you can have in front of you. When you know the right size that you’re looking for or only you when you know know if you want a big or a small rug, it will help find your rug. The selection will be then easier to do when you know also which color will fit the best with the other furniture and decoration of your home so there is many factors to consider before select your perfect carpet.

Here are 6 rules that you can follow:

1. Measure the size of your seating area. BIG ROOM = BIG RUG

2. Orient the rug to the room.

3. Ideally all the legs should be on the rug but front legs of the furniture need to be on the rug.

4. Square rugs are for square rooms.

5. If you have a rug that is too small but you love it, then buy a large one that fits the whole seating area and layer your favorite rug on top.

6. Make sure that your rug go a bit outisde on either side of the sofa. It should be about the same length as or a little longer than your sofa.

For more details,  you can watch this video that demonstrate some of these tips.

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