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How to clean your moroccan rug

Yay ! i bought a moroccan rug. Now, how do I clean my rug ?

Yes cleaning is important but rugs can be at times delicate. Maintenance and regular vacuuming are all essential parts of rug care.

preventative care:

Keeping a Moroccan rug looking it’s best begins with preventative care. It mean regularly taking the steps necessary to keep the rug free of dirt. The longevity of the rug will be extended if dirt is removed regularly.


  • The rug should be shaken outside, at least once a week, until all dirt has been removed. If shaking the rug outside is impractical it can be vacuumed, preferably with a hand held vacuum, slowly from side-to-side so as not to damage the fibres. Shaking and vacuuming on a regular basis should be sufficient to keep the rug clean during normal use.


  • Keep in mind the location of the rug when determining how frequently to clean it. If the rug is in a particularly high traffic area or in a home with pets, steps should be taken to clean it more often. Even with taking these preventative measures after two or three years the rug should be professionally cleaned. Be sure to look for a reputable cleaner with experience in Moroccan berber rugs as many chemicals used in dry cleaning can damage the fibers and ruin the dyes used.

A Moroccan rug is an investment that could stay with a family for generations. These rugs are made for longevity as long as preventative care is taken to ensure the quality of the fibres is not compromised.

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