About us 

Moroccan rugs - Berber Tent Ait Bou Sbaa Rug Surcoma

 السلام عليكم

Surcoma is a company of one-of-a-kind handcrafted Moroccan rugs and homewares based in Marrakesh, in the famous red city, endless source of inspiration. We are offering for retail and wholesale, our expertise of several years in the Moroccan textile. Our intention is to preserve a part of the Berber heritage, traditional know-how, by supporting local artisans and women cooperative from different regions. We really want to highlight these incredible pieces of art all over the world and to give a new life to this ancient art done many years ago by talented Amazigh weavers.
Rugs are a family story that is becoming a real passion for us. There is something just so unique with the Moroccan rugs handmade with love, far away from the mass produced industries. Those ambitious carpets, with their vibrant colors and the still preserved cultural richness that Morocco brings us with modesty is absolutely magic.
All our rugs are carefully curated and handpicked by us directly from the source, in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
Our warehouse is open for visit, please contact us if you want to take an appointment.
Love & Blessings