Abstract Azilal Moroccan Beige Rug 1509


Unlike many of the low grade wool, mass produced factory pieces, our modern Azilal rugs are still handwoven using artisanal weaving techniques by the Berber women. Each piece is unique and made from the finest grade of wool. Here, you can find 2 different colors with geometric details.

Dimensions: (70 x 160 cm) – (2′ 3″” x 5′ 2″”)
Weight: 4.6 Kg
Colors: beige, brown
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Rugs from the Azilal province are rare and were almost unknown to the market until the late 1990’s. They are made from virgin raw wool by alternating composed patterns of one single knotted line and one or two woven lines, according to a cultural ritual that mothers are passing down to daughters for generations.They feature simplistic geometric shapes and patterns with dashes of vibrant colours or neon often on a cream background. They fit perfectly inside bohemian modern decor.
Azilal carpets are produced by the Ait Bouzid, Ait Shokmane, Ait Bou Oulli and Ait Bougmez tribes of the Azilal province in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. While Marrakech marks the eastern edge of the Plains which bear its name, its best known as Morocco’s second imperial city and as ‘The Gateway to the High Atlas’. The berber tribes of the Ait Ouaouzguite, located in the general vicinty of the major market town of Tazenakht, produce textiles that combine marvelous shades of every color with some of the finest handspun wool found in Moroccan weavings. Foundation wefts, sometimes dyed in several shades to evelop the multicolored panels on the backs of the rugs, reinforce an already spectacular rendition of brillant colors.

Symmetrical compositions reflect urban influence but differ significantly in style and design from rugs produced in the Plains of Marrakesh and the Middle Atlas. Many fields contain a square, oblong and/or diamond form representing a highly stylized central medallion. These are superimposed upon traditional formats of transverse panels with diverse geometrie shapes, lattice patterns, or designs drawn in lateral rows or columns. The older pieces either have no borders or one relatively narrow border, and flatwoven aprons at the ends, often with designs woven in knotted pile. More recent examples, referred to as ‘Tazenakhts’ in the trade, display wider multiple borders with somewhat crowded fields, and are more tightly woven with machine-spun wool.

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You have to take in consideration that you will acquire handmade products and not industrial work. There may be slight imperfections as this is vintage items but all our rugs are repaired by a professional and washed before to be send. ☺