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Boujad rugs are hand woven made by women in circa 1970’s, pile rugs from a small region in Haouz between the Middle Atlas and the Atlantic ocean. The weaver has placed several rows of knots on and between several wefts. This makes possible, indeed actually creates, a composition of oblong blocks and linear patterns producing an unusually rich free form of abstract multicolored designs. Each piece telling a tale with the use of traditional Berber symbols. The beauty of this rug is that she is timeless and blends in every interior.

Dimensions: 205 x 340 cm
Weight: 18 Kg
Colors: blue, pink, red
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Boujad rugs are a classic rug with the most vibrant colors. It has beautiful berber patterns and symbols and comes in different shades of the color desert sand. It’s the first thing that would attract eyes in the room and are all individually crafted by hand and may be slightly asymmetrical in their shape and pattern with some minor imperfections.
Boujad is a large town located between the southern flank of the Zaer-Zaiane territories and the northeastern edge of the Rehamna region. It is an important market center for weavings produced in the area from Ez-Zhiliga south to Beni Mellal that are referred to in the trade as ‘Boujads’. They are, however, by no means homogeneous since the weaving tribes, though of Arab origin, are not part of a single confederation and are spread out over a relatively large area.
Until recently the best know ‘Boujads’ were the mixed-technique examples similar to knotted pile examples are now appearing on th market in increasing numbers, thanks to a large degree to Wilfried Stanzer’s ongoing research and extensive documentation of these pieces. Their diversity in color, composition and weave often sets them apart as much from each other as from Boujad area flatweaves. This suggests that, with further study, these weavings, presently grouped under one label, will enjoy identities of their own.
One of the most amazing aspects of Berber carpet art is how the Berber woman succeeds in shrouding the profound desire of heer intimate self in abstract symbolic forms, but occasionally also reveals it with a spontaneous lack of restraint. The whole composition of the Berber carpet is often dedicated to birth.
In many carpets from the Middle Atlas, and from the Boujad, Rehamna and Ahmar, the sequence of motifs indicates the course of an event. The carpet may then appear as a mirror of feminity and of the phases in the life of a woman. In some cases with a little imagination one can clearly recognize childhood and virginity, bridal state, union, pregnancy, birth pains, birth, and the newborn child.
Boujad will look amazing in any boho-chic environment. Adding a Moroccan rug to your interior will give your space an unique touch and some subtle oriental flair. Of course, this rug is not only suited for your living room. Boujad will look fabulous and elegant in your bedroom and playful in the kids room.

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