Beni M’Guild Vintage rug 6×7 ft


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The Aït M’Guild (Beni M’Guild) are a large Berber tribe that was called before: the Aït Oumalou. The rug featuring a geometric zigzag pattern in an unusual colour palette. They are thick, deep pile rugs and were made for protection against the harsh winters and climate of the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco. It’s characterized by the usage of a different set of geometric motifs, tiny details and tribal symbols on a colored area. This is the expression of the creativity of the Amazigh woman in a Moroccan carpet, combining all her intuitions as well as the skills and techniques she acquired by many years of work to create such a precious masterpiece. The weavers use pure and healthy wool as a raw material to weave these carpets. The diversity of these rugs is extraordinary in this part of Morocco because they suited for every taste and will perfectly complete any kind of furniture. Your home decoration will easily find some balance. A colorful carpet with some neutral elements around it will work well like a contemporary or mid-century modern design. Our Beni M’Guild rug will mesmerize your space with his beautiful colors, tribal symbols, geometric forms and its ambiguous charm. Most of the cases, they are also reversible. In summer when the temperature gets warmer, you can use the underside which is flat woven and you can appreciate all the amazing details of the carpet. This unique combination makes such vintage one of a kind item so precious. You will feel lucky to have a piece like that and will forever cherish it.

● Dimensions: (175 x 216 cm) – (5’8″ x 7’1″ feet)
● Weight: 8.2 Kg
● Region: Middle Atlas
● Style: geometric, contemporary, moroccan
● Colors: red, silver
● Material: Wool
● Age: estimated before 1999’s
● Pile:
● Shipment: free worldwide shipping via DHL, FedEx or UPS
● Payment: Paypal, CreditCard, Bank transfer

Please note: Take into consideration that you will receive a handmade product and not an industrial work made by machines. There may be slight imperfections in the shape or pattern as this is a vintage item but all our rugs are professionally restored and washed before they are shipped.

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