Geometric Zemmour Moroccan Colorful Rug 1508


Zemmour rugs is the geometric type with two colors. What characterizes this rug is the usage of a different set of geometric motifs on a two-colored area. The weaver of this rug has undoubdetely made a great effort in making all these motifs and tiny details apparent even though she used only two colors. This gives us a great idea of how efficient and skilled the berber woman is, combining all her gifs and intuitions as well as the skills and technics she acquired to create such a precious work of art.

Dimensions: (100 x 180 cm) – (3′ 3″” x 5′ 10″”)
Weight: 5 Kg
Colors: red, orange
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Zemmour rugs are a type of hand-woven carpets made by the berber women of Zemmour, which is a fertile territory located somewhere between Meknes and Rabat cities, and it‘s known for its temperate climate.
What makes the weavings of this region so unique and amazing is the use of so much details and colors, while at the same time maintaining the wonderful rich red color. The berber women of Zemmour use geometric motifs predominantly on red fields to decorate their weavings, but most importantly as a form of expression of their own stories, hopes and dreams that they cannot express verbally. Although they use these geometric motifs unconsciously, every single motif has a symbolic significance and tells a story of its own. For instance, motifs in the form of a lozenge, which is a pattern associated with Zemmour weavings, symbolizes the mother’s body or the whole female figure. Sometimes, we find in these weavings lozenges with extended sides, which may be interpreted as open sexual readiness of the woman, with a small element between one of the extended sides (representing the woman’s legs) which indicates a birth. In addition to this, the moderate climate of Zemmour region makes it an ideal territory for the grazing of various types of herds, which results in the production of high quality and excellent pure wool in various shades of red that is used in combination with cotton to produce different sizes of rugs.
Therefore, we assume that Zemmour rugs are authentic, and their value increases as the time goes by, because each item is a valuable piece of art representing the skills and talents of our fellow craftswomen.

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