Moroccan Berber carpet 3×5 ft


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Talsint rug also called Ait Bou Ichaouen rugs are typical for the Berber house style. They belong to the tribes of Aït Hamou Ousaid, Aït Hadou Belahsen, Belboul, Aït Saïd Oulahsen, Aït Ali Ousaid and El Bour, located in north-east of Morocco. Talsint is a rural municipality of the Figuig province. In this region, the winters are very cold and snowy and overall the year in the mountainous area, the climate is cold and humid so the Talsint rugs are sometimes shaggy with an incredible quality of natural wool base and flat weave edge. Today, it’s become always rare and difficult to find a vintage piece from this enchanting tribe. The weaver acquired and developed her skills and technics with the time and lots of practice combining of the intuition she has in the 70’s which can never be compared from a newly made rug. The vintage one-of-a-kind retro carpets are a work of art and have so much charm. Every Berber tribe as different style of design and tribal motifs. Every tiny details are unique and tell a story or a signification. It’s very common to find the symbol of the ‘saw’ in these kind of rugs. It’s a symbol of metalworkers as the Berbers think that the metal keep the negative energy away.

● Dimensions: (81 x 166 cm) – (2’7″ x 5’5″ feet)
● Weight: 3.2 Kg
● Region: Middle Atlas, Fès-Meknès
● Style: abstract, rustic, moroccan
● Colors: beige, brown, chocolate, tan
● Material: Wool
● Age: estimated before 1999’s
● Pile:
● Shipment: free worldwide shipping via DHL, FedEx or UPS
● Payment: Paypal, CreditCard, Bank transfer
Please note: Take into consideration that you will receive a handmade product and not an industrial work made by machines. There may be slight imperfections in the shape or pattern as this is a vintage item but all our rugs are professionally restored and washed before they are shipped.

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