Zemmour berber carpet 4×7 ft


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The Zemmour vintage Kilim is an authentic and astonishing type from the Aït Zemmour, Aït Zouggouatt or Aït Hakoum tribe of Morocco. What characterizes this rug is the usage of a different set of geometric motifs on a natural colored area, that used only a few main colors. The final result is really unique and beautiful. Moreover, the quality of the weaving is unquestionable because the carpets are made of high quality pure wool. The Moroccan rug is a real work of art, that deserve his strong and high value because it represents the hard work, the skills, the dreams and stories of our fellow Berber women who wove them. There are 10 different tribes in the Zemmours. The name of Zemmours comes from Berber word ”Azemmur”, which means olive. Before settling in their current location in northwestern Morocco, they were originally nomadic or semi-nomadic and pastoral tribes moving on the low plateaus to the north and west of the Middle Atlas Mountains, suitable for livestock and agriculture.

● Dimensions: (133 x 217 cm) – (4’4″ x 7’1″ feet)
● Weight: 5.7 Kg
● Region: Middle Atlas
● Style: abstract, bohemian, kilim, eclectic
● Colors: multicolors
● Material: recycled materials and textiles
● Age: estimated before 1999’s
● Pile:
● Shipment: free worldwide shipping via DHL, FedEx or UPS
● Payment: Paypal, CreditCard, Bank transfer

Please note: Take into consideration that you will receive a handmade product and not an industrial work made by machines. There may be slight imperfections in the shape or pattern as this is a vintage item but all our rugs are professionally restored and washed before they are shipped.

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