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The history of carpets in the world

When did carpets start ?

The art of weaving

Carpets always almost always existed through the centuries. Vintage carpets are very rare because they were made with organic fibers. Organic fibers disintegrate rapidly over time, so it is extremely rare also when you can see the natural dyed colors of a rug. What we do know is that the art of weaving is very old and goes back to thousands of years.

Weaving began with simple, coarse mats made from fat, reeds, leaves and other natural materials. These rugs were used to keep the house warmer especially in cold weather. There is evidence of the existence of weaving and carpets in ancient Mesopotamia and Turkey as far back as 7000 and 8000 BC, and in Egypt with wool and cotton, as early as the third millennium BC.

In Mongolia and China

Carpets were also major parts in the textile industry, and nomadic pastoralists and Chinese weavers were among the first to develop and weave woolen carpets. The weavers first began to use natural colors from vegetables and flowers.

Big development of silk began in China with a lot of embroidery adorned with intricate designs from Turkey and Mongolia. Italian merchants first brought oriental rugs.

France developed a dominant weaver’s guild, and England was not far behind. In 1700 marked the emergence of England in the weaving industry. Different machines have been created to facilitate the weaving process, and the looms have become so sophisticated today that they are driven by computer. Carpets were not widely available in Europe and the United States until the beginning of mass production and the invention of industrial grade machines.

In Morocco

The oldest and most preserved are Rabat carpet. They date back to the XVIIIe century. You can discover that the soul of the carpet seems to reflect the Moroccan landscape. We learn the magic of signs and Berber symbols. We discover a universe, a way of life. These women, living in a tribal society, have adopted a space of freedom through their textile creations, with lot of creativity and a surprising artistic expression.

”The carpet becomes essential before being utilitarian, it is a link between the past and the present, sometimes between the earth and the sky”

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